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01 - When will my sale be visible?

Sales for businesses will be visible two days after the sale was sublimed.
Sales at private residences will be visible on August 9, 2019.

02 - When can i pick up my participation sign? 

Participants will be notified via email when the signs are available for pick-up.

03 - What if I can no longer participate? 

If you can no longer participate after having submitted a sale, no problem! Please send an email to citywidesale@coldlake.com and we will remove it within three working days of receiving your email.

04 - I can't participate for both days. Is that ok? 

Yes that’s certainly ok. The registration form allows you to choose whether you will hold a sale on the Saturday, the Sunday, or on both days. On the City-Wide Sale map, PURPLE coloured pins represent sales held on both days. RED coloured pins represent sales that will be held ONLY on Saturday while BLUE coloured pins represent sales that will be held ONLY on Sunday. Businesses however will be coloured GREEN.

05 - When is the deadline for registration? 

While registration will be accepted until the date of the sale, there is no guarantee your sale will be pinned after August 10, 2019. Pins received after this date will be placed on the map as time allows.

06 - Is registration free? 

Registration is free. All that we require for businesses to participate is that a sale be offered beyond regular bulk discounts or existing coupons created independently of the City-Wide Sale. Simply advertising a business’s services or products will not be allowed. All that is required for a private individual to participate is for them to hold a garage or yard sale within the City of Cold Lake’s corporate limits and in an area that they have permission from the land owner to do so.

07 - I live in an apartment/condo? Can i still participate?

Yes! We suggest getting permission from the condo board or landlord to hold a yard sale in the parking lot or elsewhere on the property. Some residents living in apartments, condos or on streets with limited access, have partnered with people living in townhouses or detached homes to hold a sale. Social media can be used to find partners for the sale. Getting to know your neighbours and fellow Cold Lakers is a big part of what the City-Wide Sale is all about!


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