AUG. 17-18, 2019

Cold Lake, AB

Join us for city-wide garage sales, yard sales, sidewalk sales and more. From residents to businesses small and large, everyone will have something to offer!

The biggest shopping experience of the year! 

Garage sales, sidewalk sales and more!

“What a success we had on Saturday and we enjoyed visiting with all our customers. We had people from Valleyview, St. Paul, Frog Lake and of course all the support with the great people of Cold Lake! Sunday was a little slow but still good. 
I returned my sign yesterday and plan on picking
it up next year!" 

- Debbie Myers


Locate all of the sales in the City of Cold Lake, starting August 9. Business sales will be visible on June 17, and private residences on August 9. Click the button below to view the map and plan your route!


Register your garage sale, sidewalk sale or business’ special offer. If you are a private residence, your information will not show up on the map until August 9. Sales for businesses will be visible on June 17. 


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